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Scouts BSA Troop 27 of San Mateo, is in the Redwood District of the Pacific Skyline Council of the Boy Scouts of America. It was founded in 1951 by the Hillsdale United Methodist Church, which continues to sponsor the Troops, along with Cub Scout Pack 27 and Venturing Crew 27.

Troop 27 has a rich history of providing boys and young men the opportunity to learn, grow, and hone skills that ultimately make for a more rewarding life. In 2019 we added a girl’s troop (technically Troop 4027) to the T27 family. We have an active outdoor program that is based on canoeing and water-oriented activities during the warmer months. Our summer camp is the envy of many – we use old-fashioned Scout skills to build a High Sierra camp from scratch, and afterwards return it to the condition in which it was found, or better. Other activities include backpacking, bicycling, caving, skiing, snow camping, target shooting, and a variety of others. Adventuresome “fun with a purpose” is an important objective that is achieved in a safe, youth lead manner and helps the Troop fulfill its mission of teaching timeless Scout values.

We also provide our community with a variety of service that includes helping those who don’t have a place to live, memorializing our veterans, and collecting food for local food banks. Numerous Eagle Scout projects add to the variety of community service projects our Troop regularly performs. We look for opportunities to share the experience of satisfaction in serving others, and prove the wisdom of humility and thankfulness.

Advancement and leadership in Troop 27 are important functions. The Troop has advanced hundreds of youth through the rank of First Class and has one of the best records anywhere of graduating Eagle Scouts. Ultimately, every youth in our Troop has an opportunity to lead others whether it’s as a Patrol Leader or in other leadership roles. Troop 27 alumni continue to be active in Troop leadership well into adulthood and provide a unique perspective that is appreciated. We are fortunate to have many Eagle Scouts as adult leaders in the Troop; however, every adult leader is trained to ensure the best possible experience for our youth.

We meet at the church at 7:30 on most Tuesday evenings throughout the year. It is located at 303 West 36th Avenue, at the corner of Hacienda Street. During this time when indoor meetings are restricted we are continuing to meet online. Contact our Scoutmasters for information.

Please come visit us – we’d love to see you explore what Scouting has to offer, and how Troop 27 can help you achieve your goals.

Troop 27 Brochure

View our Troop 27 Brochure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Troop 27 and scouting.

Q1When and where does your troop meet?
A. Troop 27 meets at the Hillsdale United Methodist Church, 36th and Hacienda in San Mateo (one block south of Hillsdale Avenue), on Tuesday nights from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Q2. How often has your Troop achieved Quality Unit status in the last 5 years?
A. Troop 27 has achieved Quality Unit status every year for the past 5 years.

Q3. How old is your troop?
A. Troop 27 was founded in 1951 and celebrated its 60th anniversary in October 2011.

Q4. How are new Scouts handled? Are they mixed in with existing patrols or put into a new scout patrol?
A. New scouts join an existing patrol.  Our patrols are reasonably balanced in age and rank, which works well for inter-patrol skills competition and games.  Our oldest scouts are in a separate patrol.

Q5. How do new Scouts learn what to do as Boy Scouts (camping skills, patrol activities, advancement, etc.)? Will they have an experienced adult leader working with them?
A. The new scouts will learn from the older boys, their Troop Guide, the leaders, and by reading the scout handbook. Many requirements are covered in group instruction at troop meetings and on camping trips. They are mentored by an assigned Assistant Scoutmaster.

Q6. How many registered leaders are there? What is their attendance history at regular meetings and on outings?
A. Troop 27 has over 30 active leaders. Typically we have 9-10 attend regular meetings and 5 or more on outings.  At Summer Camp 2013 we had 25 adult volunteers and 40 scouts for the week.

Q7. What is the boy/leader ratio at meetings and on outings?
A. Usually 4 boys to each leader.

Q8. Do you have an active outdoor program? How often do you camp?
A. Troop 27 has outings 11 months of the year: generally 2 snow trips, 2-3 canoeing trips, 3 regular camping trips, Treasure Hunt, Camp-o-Ree, and a week-long summer camp. On two of these the boy’s family is invited.

Q9. Where do you camp?
A. We have camped at national, state or county parks, Boy Scout camps or KOA’s.

Q10. What are the plans for summer camp?
A. Each year we pick a wilderness area in the Sierra for summer camp. The camp is built from scratch by the older scouts and experienced adults. Each day there is swimming, games, crafts, hikes, rank and merit badge work, and a campfire program each night. We camp on a lake and make good use of our canoe fleet.

Q11. What is a typical Troop meeting like? Do you work on merit badges? Do you play a lot of games?
A. The first 15 minutes is gathering and sometimes a game. Patrols are assembled and then we have the opening flag ceremony. Next comes announcements followed by a presentation or work on a merit badge, skill building or rank advancement. The last 15 minutes is often a game, then we have the closing ceremony which includes the presentation of awards (rank and merit badge).

Q12. What is your philosophy on uniforms?
A. On the first meeting of the month the boys must wear their class A uniforms (scout shirt and pants). Class A is also required for flag ceremonies at summer camp and other outings, Courts of Honor, Scout Sunday and Memorial Day Grave decoration. For other scout events any scout shirt (including Troop 27 T-shirts) may be worn.

Q13. What is your philosophy regarding advancement (at what pace are the ranks earned)?
A. Troop 27 encourages each new scout to earn his First Class rank by the end of his  second year. After that the boys work at their own pace and usually earn their Eagle between their 15th and 18th birthdays.

Q14. Are your Scouts able to balance Boy Scouts with other activities such as sports, band, church, etc.?
A. Yes. Many of our boys have other activities and we understand they are not able to attend all of our scout functions. But they still can progress as scouts in Troop 27.

Q15. What kind of program do you have for the older scouts? Are there any high adventure activities?
A. The older scouts have their own patrol, serve as instructors at our summer camp and may join Venture Crew 27, which is an outdoor adventure scout group for boys and girls ages 14-20.  The crew youth choose a monthly outing that in the past has included activities like canoeing, sailing, hiking, climbing, and skiing.  They camp out for many of these outings. Every summer they take a 10-14 day Super Trip to places such as Costa Rica (2012) and Yellowstone (2013).

Q16. Is your Troop “boy-run” or “adult-run?”
A. About half and half, but our goal is to be more “boy-run”.

Q17. Are Troop meetings and activities planned: a) by the boys? b) for a full year? c) at a patrol leaders meeting?
A. High-level planning is by boys and adults for a full year and events are listed in our on-line T27 calendar. Campouts and other activities are planned in detail at monthly patrol leader meetings.

Q18. Does your Troop have a limitation on size?
A. No.

Q19What equipment do you have? Is it in good shape? Do you have enough if several boys join your Troop?
A. Troop 27 has tents, tarps, stoves, cookware, canoes, life vests (PFDs), a CPR dummy, first aid kits and a merit badge booklet library. We plan for new scouts so we always have enough gear in good shape.

Q20. What kind of fundraising do you have?
A. Troop 27 encourages, but does not require, scouts to participate in popcorn and Christmas wreath sales. We occasionally have other fundraising activities.

Q21. What are the financial obligations for each Scout for dues, outings and summer camp?
A. Dues are $25 each quarter. Camp outs vary from $25 for a simple overnight to $75 for a two-night ski trip (plus lift tickets). The week-long summer camp costs around $275. Part of the money from fundraisers goes into each participating boy’s impound account and can be used to pay for dues or outings. We have a limited amount of money for “camperships”. We also have some “experienced” uniforms that can be borrowed by new scouts.

Q22. Do you pay for or subsidize training for the boys (National Youth Leadership Training, Den Chief training, etc.)?
A. Yes, if requested.

Q23. How active is your Troop at District and Council events?
A. Troop 27 supports the District and Council by participating in the Klondike Derby, Camp-o-Ree, Scouting for Food, Webelos-to-Scout open house events, and Merit Badge Midways. Many of our youth have been asked to be staff at the Council’s annual National Youth Leader Training program. Some of our adult leaders have positions in the District and we always have one or two attending the District Roundtable meetings.

Q24. How many current leaders are trained in: Youth Protection? Scoutmaster Fundamentals? Woodbadge?
A. All T27 leaders are trained in Youth Protection. The Scoutmaster and most ASM’s have taken Basic Scout Leader Training and some have Advanced Outdoor Training. Several leaders have their Woodbadge and a few more are working on it. Many leaders also have Red Cross CPR/First Aid certificates and Safe Swim/Safe Boating training.

Q25. What are the expectations/requirements of new adults/parents to this Troop as assistant leaders, committee members, special event chairpersons, event workers, or merit badge counselors?
A. Troop 27 does not have parent requirements, but as we operate on volunteer labor we encourage all adults who are able to fill any of the above positions to do so. Once a month we have a meeting to keep parents informed about current and planned troop activities. Also, we like each parent to go on at least one camp out a year.

Q26. Does the Troop pay for any/all adult leader registration and training?
A. Adult leaders pay the $10 registration, but the troop pays for the training if requested.

Q27. How often do you have “Courts of Honor”?
A. Troop 27 has two Courts of Honor each year, usually in late March and late September. These are potluck dinners for the whole family where we celebrate the achievements of the last 6 months. Eagle Courts of Honor are separately scheduled.

Q28How do you communicate with scouts and families?
A. We issue periodic newsletters (by email and on the website), supplemented by email messages as needed. Patrol Leaders call or email their patrols with reminders each week. We publish a calendar on our web site. Parents attend a committee meeting on the first Tuesday of each month, and are welcome at the monthly ASM (Assistant Scoutmaster) meetings. Our troop website also contains useful information.

Q29. How do you orient new families to scouting?
A. We have a troop handbook that is a collection of pertinent information about scouting and our troop. We review it with parents at an orientation meeting shortly after the scout joins Troop 27.

Q30. How do you feel about a Scout (and parent) visiting a meeting unannounced?
A. That’s fine, but if we have a real busy schedule that evening don’t be disappointed if we can’t spend as much time with you as we’d like.

Q31Who can I contact for more information?
A. If you would like more information, we would enjoy hearing from you.  Just send an e-mail to [email protected] to request more information about Troop 27.

History of Troop 27 Eagle Scouts

Here is a list of Troop 27 Eagle Scouts since 1954:

Year Eagle Scout
 1954  James Carlon
 1955  Kenneth Chastain
   Claude Fennema
   Robert Viscount
   David Caldwell
 1956  John Amend
   Everett Stinson
   Allan Long
   Robert Jakes
 1957  Robert Thallon
   Charles Cone
   Rich Houston
   George Gmelch
 1958  Robert Amend
   Eric Hill
   Eric Lundquist
   David Bjoring
 1959  Alan Werb
   Francis Viscount
   Jon Breyfogle
   Ronald Valencia , Jr.
   Austin Viscount
 1960  Glenn Pascal
   Kent Garibaldi
   Roger Werner
 1961  Boyd Levet
   Walter Gmelch
   James Bettinger
   Craig Hinkley
   Roger Spence
   Richard Steiger
 1962  Steven Hill
   William Hatch
   Robert Steiger
   Douglas Lambert
   Robert Henderson
 1963  Michael Boschetti
   Michael Reed
   James Jensen
   Samuel Horton, III
 1964  Thomas Martini
   Ronald Werner
   Richard Spence
   Dennis Goss
   Melvin Kimball
 1965  William McCalla
   Geoffrey Feige
   John Clarne
   Jeffrey Dearborn
   Harold Barthel, III
 1966  Steve Boschetti
   Richard Amend
   Leonard James
   Richard Clark
   Dana Kimball
 1967  Tim Smithwick
   Norman Arslan
   Paul Boyd
   Steve Corvello
   Ron Sandilands
   Christopher Graf
 1968  David Chin
   Robert Mahood
   Mark Stafforini
   Cameron Rolfe
   Frank Martin
   Craig Miller
   Ernie Haeusslein
 1969  Alan Conover
   Jack Graper
   Tom Merrihew
   William Amend
   David Hendrickson
 1970  Kevin Wallis
   Mark Worthge
   Michael Dearborne
   Robert Setser
   Brian Conover
 1971  Alan Lee
   Wayne Rechnitz
   Richard Chin
   Scott Worthge
   Andy McLean
 1972  Leland Louie
   William Smith
   David Shipley
   Donald Van Creveld
   Randy Zemple
   Mark Lewin
   John Burton
 1973  Daniel Zemple
   Brian Bandy
   Trey Blalock
   Kenneth Corvello
   Eric Last
   William Vertrees
 1975  Walter Worthge III
   Jeffrey Blalock
   Steve Hingst
 1976  Alan Burnett
   Kim Hale
   Kirk Hale
   David Herrington
   David Heiman
   Christopher Palmrose
 1977  Alan Lindquist
 1978  Robert Bolton
   Martin Hudson
   John Grathwohl, Jr.
 1979  John Carlisle
   Kurt Grathwohl
   Steven Merrihew
   Gregory Palmrose
   John Kretschmann, Jr.
   Charles Phillips
   Edmund O’Brien
 1980  Andrew Farris
   Steven Louie
 1981  Christopher J. Freshour
   Christopher Jensen
   Jeffrey W. Miller
   Matthew Carlisle
   Robert McLean
   Robert O’Brien
  J effrey Reid
 1982  Marc Rosso
   William Bittancourt
   Jon Sooy
 1983  Victor Moore
 1984  Brian Sanders
   Shawn Wienckowski
 1985  Paul Keefer
   Lee Apsley
   Andrew Miller
 1986  Robert Parkhurst
 1987  Brett Sanders
   Eric Burton
   James Shissler
 1988  Michel Hannon
   James Gough
 1989  Christopher Toy
 1990  Jonathan Taylor
   Christopher Rossetto
 1991  Stephen Shissler
 1992  Stephen McMahon
   William Miller
   Willard Folsom
 1993  Eric Hartnett
   Tim Netane
   Peter Giobres
   Matthew Taylor
   Adam Leman
 1994  Andrew Brooks
   Jason Kehl
   Marc Nix
 1995  Sean McMahon
   Adam Torgerson
   Scott Sanborn
   Brian Fong
   Nickolas Giobres
 1996  Karlis Biksa
   Stephen Taylor
   Sigurd Hartnett
   Tom Netane
   Daniel Aden
   Anthony Sigona
 1997  Joshua Torgerson
   Peter Ballart
   Kyle Takao
   Andrew Ballart
 1998  Adam Sevim
   Reid Gaskin
 1999  Luke Whittaker
   Marcus Sanchis
 2000  Michael Wallace
   Francis Chang
   Steven Brown
   John Carlino
 2001  Seth Torgerson
   Eric Sevim
   Anthony Sabbadini
   Devin Gaffney
 2002  Rodger Iu
   Andrew Hutchison
 2003  Lance Bailey
   Josh Herbach
   Marc Mendonca
 2004  Matthew Sheehan
   Michael Stults
   Seth Marra
   Eric Frydenlund
   Robbie Kavert
   Matt Sheehan
   Shaun Thivierge
   Ivan James You
   Evan Jochims
 2005  Barry Lockwood
 2006  Mark Ferraresi
   Matt Felton
 2007  Jesse Patterson
   Sam McCollum
   Colton Yee
   John Kaufman
   John Cole
   Ennio Villaflor-Tanakatsubo
   Chris Jayne
 2008  Kirk Hansson
   Paul Gablin
   Maxwell Mudd
   Kyle Yee
   Daniel Singer
   Daniel Barnhart
   Bryant Felton
 2009  Max Mannisto
   Bryan Pacini
   Sven Knauth
   Jordan Kelleher
 2010  Damon Chiu
   Christopher Gee
 2011  Mike Keenan
   Michael Tcheau
   Kevin Gruber
 2012  Brian Hass
   Max Moriarty
  Christian Cabuslay
   Thomas Bebbington
   Jon Horn
   Daniel Meier
   Kyle Toulouse
   Scott Schulze
2013 Christian Yuen
  Michael Muir
  Sohun Awsare
  Nate Mooi
  Nathan Gottesman
  Brian Yeh
  Christian Tsoi-a-Sue
  Tyler Poon
2014 Ryan Pau
  Henson Kwok
  Miles Moriarty
  Aaron Levy
  Sheal Awsare
  Philip SanFilippo
  Scott Singer
2015 Antony Cabuslay
  James George
  Everett Yee
  Josh Levy
  Nathan Gee
  Dylan Proctor
  David Bonemeyer
2016 Shanil Patel
  Sean Stevenot
2017 Justin Yang
  Marc Tom
  Ryan Toulouse
  Jacob Gottesman
2018 Walter McElroy IV
2019 Spencer Graham
  Patrick Fox
  Marlon Fu
  Nicholas Lee
  Mayeul Carrot
2020 Jared Chou
  Khai Kober
  Nathan Ammenti
  Callie Muhlner

Location of Troop 27 Meetings

Hillsdale United Methodist Church

Hillsdale United Methodist Church
303 West 36th Avenue
San Mateo, CA  94402


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Troop 27 History

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