Comprehensive List of Recent Events from Current & Last Season

Flag Planting 2024

On Saturday May 25, Troop 27 had the annual Memorial Day Flag Planting at Skylawn Cemetery. This year, we had some other troops join us in flag planting. Before starting the troops gathered for donuts in one of the buildings. At the start, Mr. Frydenlund, talked about the importance of how Memorial Day can relate to us as civilians. Once dispersed, the patrols began to put flags down for those who served in the different military branches.

-Noe Peretz

Family Camp 2024

Family camp is an annual event run by Troop 27 where families can join their scouts while camping and canoeing. At this year’s family camp, the troop went to Brannan Island and learned and reviewed canoe river skills. In the troop’s free time, the patrols got together and played leadership/team building games. Families got to eat desserts made by the troop and overall, had a good time.

– Zachary Wong, Cobra APL

Camporee 2024

Camporee is a yearly council event where different troops compete in a series of challenges against each other for points to find the patrol with the most skills. At the recent Camporee, the patrols went to various stations including fire building, knot tying, archery, and more. During the outing, Troop 27 had 2 patrols, Hawks and Cobras, to place 1st and 2nd overall. All of the T27 patrols placed the podium at least once and scouts learned new skills.

– Zachary Wong

Mount Madonna

The outing began with a service project of clearing the trails for the park, which allowed scouts to work on team building skills and make the park a better place. After lunch, the scouts participated in a geocaching merit badge where they had to find hidden geocaches plotted on a map. They then had a campfire where we did skits and sang songs. Overall, the outing was an opportunity for the scouts to learn new skills and do service for the park.

Second Harvest

Second Harvest organized a food distribution event to provide assistance to families in need. This effort attracted a significant turnout of enthusiastic scouts who volunteered their time and effort. Together, they worked diligently to distribute food items, demonstrating their commitment to serving the community. The event not only helped those facing food insecurity but also allowed the scouts to earn valuable service hours as they contributed to this worthy cause. Second Harvest’s mission to alleviate hunger was met with the enthusiastic support of these dedicated scouts, making a meaningful impact on the lives of many.

Noah Dulac Eagle Project

Noah Dulac’s Eagle Scout Project involved a quick and efficient one-shift effort to replace rubber feet on church pews. The project took place at a church located in San Mateo, California. Noah and his team of volunteers completed the task swiftly, demonstrating their effectiveness and teamwork. To celebrate their accomplishment, they enjoyed a well-deserved pizza meal at the end, fostering camaraderie among the participants. Noah’s project showcased his leadership abilities and dedication to community service, all while leaving a lasting, practical impact on the church’s furnishings. [10:03 PM]

Zach Lee Eagle Project

Zach Lee’s Eagle Scout Project involved painting the walls and trims at a local church. His project was notable for its remarkable efficiency and attention to detail. With a dedicated team of volunteers, they meticulously transformed the church’s interior, giving it a fresh and vibrant look. Zach’s leadership and organizational skills played a pivotal role in ensuring the project’s success. His efforts not only beautified the church but also showcased his commitment to community service as he worked towards achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.

Redwood City River Run

Participants in the Redwood City River Run recently enjoyed an 11-mile canoeing adventure, navigating the scenic waterways of the region. The event provided valuable maneuvering training, allowing participants to enhance their canoeing skills while taking in the natural beauty of the surroundings. After an active morning on the water, participants gathered for a well-deserved lunch, fostering a sense of camaraderie and relaxation. The event not only offered physical activity but also a chance to appreciate the stunning landscapes and build connections with fellow canoe enthusiasts. Overall, it was a day of outdoor adventure and community bonding.

Summer Camp

Troop 27 embarked on an exciting week-long camping outing at Union Valley Reservoir, a picturesque location with warm waters. The adventure-packed event featured a range of engaging activities for the scouts. On Sunday, the troop participated in Spec Ops, a series of challenging activities including knife throwing, memory games, and an obstacle course. Monday brought the entertaining Kajabe Can Can, where scouts surrounded a cardboard box and tried to outlast each other. On Tuesday, they tested their strength and skills in Paul Bunyan, showcasing their axe, saw, and tomahawk abilities.

The middle of the week offered a refreshing 5-mile hike around the lake on Wednesday, providing a chance to connect with nature and enjoy the scenic surroundings. Thursday was a day of waterfront fun, with swimming and canoe races, and an adventurous game of Swamp Wars, where patrols tried to capsize each other’s canoes. In the evenings, campfire gatherings added to the camaraderie, with patrols using their earned points to buy boxes of candy and soda.

Finally, on Friday, the event concluded with ending ceremonies, acknowledging the scouts’ accomplishments and celebrating the memories created during the week. The camping outing at Union Valley Reservoir left the troop with lasting experiences, strengthened friendships, and a sense of achievement, making it a memorable and rewarding event for all involved.

Del Valle

Troop 27 had an eventful weekend camping trip at Lake Del Valle. The scouts enjoyed canoeing and hiking with their patrols during the day, strengthening their teamwork and outdoor skills. In the evening, they gathered around the campfire, singing songs and sharing stories. The night became more thrilling with a game of man hunt, adding excitement and camaraderie to the outing. Overall, the camping trip fostered lasting memories, friendship, and a deeper appreciation for nature among the scouts.