Summer Camp

Troop 27 embarked on an exciting week-long camping outing at Union Valley Reservoir, a picturesque location with warm waters. The adventure-packed event featured a range of engaging activities for the scouts. On Sunday, the troop participated in Spec Ops, a series of challenging activities including knife throwing, memory games, and an obstacle course. Monday brought the entertaining Kajabe Can Can, where scouts surrounded a cardboard box and tried to outlast each other. On Tuesday, they tested their strength and skills in Paul Bunyan, showcasing their axe, saw, and tomahawk abilities.

The middle of the week offered a refreshing 5-mile hike around the lake on Wednesday, providing a chance to connect with nature and enjoy the scenic surroundings. Thursday was a day of waterfront fun, with swimming and canoe races, and an adventurous game of Swamp Wars, where patrols tried to capsize each other’s canoes. In the evenings, campfire gatherings added to the camaraderie, with patrols using their earned points to buy boxes of candy and soda.

Finally, on Friday, the event concluded with ending ceremonies, acknowledging the scouts’ accomplishments and celebrating the memories created during the week. The camping outing at Union Valley Reservoir left the troop with lasting experiences, strengthened friendships, and a sense of achievement, making it a memorable and rewarding event for all involved.

Del Valle

Troop 27 had an eventful weekend camping trip at Lake Del Valle. The scouts enjoyed canoeing and hiking with their patrols during the day, strengthening their teamwork and outdoor skills. In the evening, they gathered around the campfire, singing songs and sharing stories. The night became more thrilling with a game of man hunt, adding excitement and camaraderie to the outing. Overall, the camping trip fostered lasting memories, friendship, and a deeper appreciation for nature among the scouts.

Family Camp

Family Camp united families and scouts for an exciting outdoor experience. The campsite provided a scenic backdrop for setting up tents and creating a cozy atmosphere. The dessert competition showcased scouts’ culinary skills with delightful treats. The nearby lake offered opportunities for canoeing. A heartwarming Sunday dinner brought families closer, fostering connections and creating cherished memories.

Shooting Sports Weekend

Troop 27 organized an exhilarating Shooting Sports Weekend, where participants engaged in a variety of shooting activities, including rifles, slingshots, and archery. This event emphasized teamwork, discipline, and firearm safety, providing a memorable and exciting experience for all those involved.

Memorial Day Flag Planting

A misty Memorial Day at Skylawn Cemetery saw a heartfelt flag planting event to honor veterans. Scouts gathered to place flags on veterans’ graves, paying respects to their sacrifices. Before the event, scouts enjoyed donuts, fostering community spirit. The event provided a meaningful opportunity for reflection and gratitude, uniting the community in honoring the bravery of those who served.


Every year, the Pacific Skyline Council holds a Camporee, which is a weekend-long camping trip where all of the troops in the council compete in a series of events, testing skills such as fire building, knots, archery, tomahawks, and more. Overall, T27 had an outstanding performance. Although the 2 senior patrols were not counted in the overall awards ceremony, the other patrols showed their skill winning 8 out of 19 with a competition of over 4 troops.

-Aaren Ruparel