News from Pacific Skyline Council

Our local BSA council, Pacific Skyline Council provides a rich monthly newsletter that features regular topical sections such as:

A Welcome Introduction – from a Pacific Skyline Council Scout Executive.

Activities – catalog and calendar of events and scouting functions related to scouting in the area.

Training – catalog and calendar of training for a variety of scouting functions and skills, both online, as well as on-premise.

Program Investment – and reporting about funding for programs administered by the council.  Annually, the Pacific Skyline Council spends about $2,100,000 on providing quality programs for the youth of our communities. This money is largely raised through voluntary donations.  Section also includes fundraising and activities supported by local businesses and organizations.

News – about a variety of scouting topics based locally, regionally, nationally, and from around the world.

Calendar – of activities, events, camps, training, and meetings.  Visit the Pacific Skyline Council calendar.

You can also register for a subscription to this newsletter to be delivered to you automatically via EMail each month.

The Pacific Skyline Council also maintains a historical archive of past newsletters.

Here is the current Pacific Skyline Council Newsletter for October, 2012:




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