9/11 Memorial

Written by Scout Max M.

On September 11, 2011 at the Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Station we honored those who lost their lives ten years ago. With the help of Troop 27 we made that day more special. We had two fantastic buglers, Brian and Everett , and color guard to make our lowering of the flag perfect. At Kings Mountain Fire Station we unveiled the 9-11 Memorial, which will stand forever in remembrance of all the civilians, firefighters and emergency personnel that we miss so much. Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Station is in Woodside. It is also home of the grounds for the annual Art Fair where I was fortunate to be able to do My Eagle Project. My project included pouring a cement pad under a sink, sanding and staining a bench, painting the sink counter and backsplash along with burying a water line. I got involved with the memorial after being asked by a volunteer firefighter who acquired a ten pound piece steel from World Trade Center. The piece of steel is sitting within a globe upon a boulder and all that is resting on the cement pad I ended up making for them. It means a lot that my involvement was recognized and is the base for such an important remembrance. None of this could have happened or have been as memorable and successful without the help of Troop 27.