Additional Awards

Scouts may earn additional special awards through Scouting. Some are sponsored by Boy Scouts of America, such as the World Conservation Award. Scouts who have earned their Eagle rank can earn an “Eagle Palm” for each subsequent 3-month period they are active as long as they have earned an additional five merit badges. Scouts can earn Religious Emblems sponsored by many faith groups and churches. Other awards are offered through the Pacific Skyline Council such as the wintertime camping awards. More information on these awards is available from the Council Office, the Boy Scout Handbook or Boy’s Life Magazine.

The Troop also offers special awards only for boys in Troop 27. The Sam Horton Award is named for a former Scoutmaster and long-time troop member who was very interested in conservation and ecology. The award is a trophy on which the Scout’s name is engraved. To earn the award the scout must participate in an environmental project and earn five merit badges from among the following:

Conservation-oriented badges

  • Fish & Wildlife
  • Forestry
  • Soil & Water Conservation

Ecology-oriented badges

  • Botany
  • Environmental Science
  • Geology
  • Insect Life
  • Mammals
  • Nature
  • Oceanography
  • Weather

Individuals also receive recognition at Courts of Honor for Best Attendance/Participation and Most Advancement (ranks and merit badges).

The Troop also has special awards at Summer Camp. Everyone who attends receives a camp patch (or “rocker”) with the name of the camp (these are sewn around the T27 patch on the right pocket of the Class A uniform). Each camper who jumps into the lake first thing in the morning while giving his best “yell” for at least six of the seven mornings of camp receives a Mountain Man T-shirt. The Camp Inspectors and the ICs choose a Best Patrol considering participation, enthusiasm, camp improvements and neatness, etc. The ICs also choose the recipients of the Best Camper and Best Rookie Camper award. Recipients of the Best Camper/Rookie Camper awards are those who best demonstrate the Scout Law, cheerfully perform their assigned tasks and participate with enthusiasm. The Mile Swim Award is presented to those who complete the swim.

The Rim of the Bay is a “patch” program of the Councils in the Bay Area. Its purpose is to encourage hiking and bring a “mountain top” experience into the lives of scouts. The hikes range from 5 to 11 miles. Those that complete one hike receive a “Rim Rover” patch and patches (sewn around the Rim Rover patch) to name the peaks climbed. The Peaks are: Mission Peak, Mt. Diablo, Mt. St. Helena, Mt. Tamalpais, Mt. Wittenberg, and the Pinnacles. T27 and V27 periodically go on Rim of the Bay hikes in conjunction with nearby outings or as one-day activities.