Alcatraz Visit

Written by Scout Nathan G.

On December 10th, Troop 27 went on a unique and exciting outing- to Alcatraz. This outing was unique in many aspects, including that it was a joint day outing with Troop 301. After meeting at the church, Troop 27 left for San Francisco and met with Troop 301 at Pier 39. The two troops then got on the ferries to Alcatraz, enjoying nice views of San Francisco and the bay.

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Upon arrival, we immediately started our tour. The guide was very knowledgeable and taught us not only of the island’s history as a prison, but also of its history as a military fortification. After the guided tour ended, we thanked our guide and went into the barracks to take the audio tour. This tour was also fascinating and focused on Alcatraz’s history as a penitentiary. After we all had finished with the audio tour, we walked a short distance back to the pier for lunch and then took the ferry back to San Francisco to have the rest of the weekend free. For those scouts who had never been to Alcatraz, this was undoubtedly a new, informative, and delightful experience; for others it must have surfaced new information about this captivating subject. Overall, it was an extremely pleasant and relaxing time.