Camporee April/17 – 19


The scouts met at the church at 4:30 P.M.  We drove up to Cutter and had a great time.  We broke into three patrols for meals which were the Hawks, Wolves, and Indians.  We had two competition patrols which were the Hawks and the Pandas.  It was great and everybody had a lot of fun.  We camped at Camp Horn.  The events were Radioactive fuel rods, mountain biking, pioneering, orienteering, canoeing, fire building, log lift, first aid, archery, tomahawk, rifle shooting and blindfolded tarp set up.  The Hawks won two ribbons, one was a 3rd place and one was a second place.  All of the scout skill events were required.  There was a Dutch oven cook off and the food we cooked was good.  The Adults cooked in the Dutch ovens.  Every patrol needed one skit for campfire.  At Scouts own we sang songs with a pastor’s daughter.  On Sunday after we left Cutter, we helped with Home and Hope Takedown.