Durham Camping

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Scouts relaxing and cooking dinner

On February 20-21st, we had the first campout in the troop we had in a while. The last one was Summer Camp in mid 2020. It had been a long time, so this outing was very enjoyable. First, we were very grateful for Mr. Wacker and his willingness to let us use his farm. So the farm was fairly well sized, and near Chico, in the Central Valley. The schedule was very well structured by PLC, and made for a really good outing. So we arrived at camp around 11:00, then had lunch, and set up camp. Thereafter, we were given a tour of the farm, and learned some interesting things like how to say almonds authentically, what the farm specialized in, and just an overall tour of the area. Certainly very informative. Some stations were then available to go through as well. There were things like fire starting, tomahawks, archery (by Mr. Reese), shade structures, work on totin chips, and one or two others. Event runners did a very good job. Then scouts prepared dinner, with many using dutch ovens, for solid meals. Scouts then did their troop and personal brillo, cleaning all of their plates and such. There was some free time, then campfire. The MC did a very good job, and there were some enjoyable skits, and songs. S’mores were also prepared and enjoyed by scouts. Then it was a quiet hour, and sleep. The morning was a little chilly, but otherwise fine. Scouts were tasked with cooking their breakfasts, then going through brillo. Afterwards there was a flag ceremony by the woodies, then Scout’s own by Ms. Cabuslay. She talked about the importance of receiving help, but also being grateful and saying please and thank you. Certainly some good lessons to take to heart. After that, there was striking camp, and packing everything up for leaving. Then there was a short ~25 minute hike that allowed us to see some other farms, and socialize a bit. From there scouts who didn’t finish packing up continued to, while others worked on advancement, and got good work done. After there were cold lunches and some more free time. Then all that was left to do was pack everything away, while abiding by leave no trace. Everything was packed away, troop materials were delegated to be cleaned, and there was a formal sweep of the area used as a campsite. Cars left, and the outing was done. It’s very important though to point out Mr. Wackers role in this outing. Without his offering to use his farm for camping, this outing just wouldn’t have happened. So the entire troop thanks him for his role. 

– Alexander Kaiser
B27 Scribe