All fundraising activities are optional, but scouts are encouraged to participate to support the Troop. Part of the proceeds from most fundraisers is shared with the participating scouts so that they can earn money toward their dues or outing fees. Group fundraising activities can also be counted toward participation requirements if approved by the Scoutmaster.

Scout Popcorn – Every year all the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts in the United States sell packages of popcorn. The scouts can sell the popcorn and earn prizes for themselves, money for their impound account, as well as money for the troop. The popcorn is pre-ordered and then delivered early in November. It may also be sold at “show and sell” tables outside of stores which are coordinated by the “Popcorn Sales Chair”.

Holiday Greens and Wreath Sales – Each year, Troop 27 sells Holiday wreaths and greens. The scouts can sell the wreaths and make money for their impound accounts as well as money for the troop. The wreaths are pre-sold and then delivered around the first week in December. Once a scout establishes a list of customers, it is an easy way to make money to help fund his scouting activities on an annual basis.

Concessions – The Troop occasionally has the opportunity to run a concession booth at a festival or community event or to direct parking, etc. The opportunities are discussed by the Troop Parent Committee and if approved, the profit is shared between the Troop and the impound accounts of the participating scouts.

Special Fundraisers – The Troop may plan a major event such as a golf tournament or dinner auction, sometimes in conjunction with another non-profit organization. The proceeds from major fundraisers such as this are typically earmarked for specific troop needs such as new equipment.

V27 Pancake Breakfast – Each year on Scout Sunday, Venturing Crew 27 offers a pancake breakfast at the church. This free donation fundraiser is open to all scouts (Cubs, Boys, Girls and Crew) sponsored by the church, their families and church members. It is a great way to support the Crew and be visible to the church that supports us. Proceeds are shared by the Crew members who work to fund their annual “SuperTrip”.