Klondike 2018!

Well Klondike 2018 was Great!!!

The Troop (22 Scouts and 14 Adults) Left the church about 8:30am, we got to Cisco Grove about noon on Saturday and started Hauling the gear up to the camping area. When we arrived we found out about a lone Scout and his father that came up to Klondike by themselves. They are in Troop 42 in San Mateo, We asked if they would like to join up with Troop 27 for the weekend and they gladly accepted the offer. The Scouts spent most of the day building their Snow shelters. Luckily it snowed earlier in the week and we had just enough snow to build shelters for the night. The temp was about 45deg on Saturday and dropped down to the 20’s at night. The Sky was clear with little chance of rain or snow (we had none of either). It was cold but not too cold! We had a campfire, ate our hot water meals and drank hot chocolate then it was off to bed.

Sunday morning came Quick! The Scouts were up and making a fire before 7am! The Scouts ate Hot water Breakfast and more hot chocolate. 8am was Flags Lead by Nick Lee and Troop 27. Then we did Scouts Own and it was off to the Klondike events. Statue of liberty, Killing Sticks, Jumbo Skis, Snow Shoeing, Ptarmigan shoot, tobacco spit, Gear Rescue, Spear Throwing, and they finished it off with the Infamous Sled Race! 14 patrols from various Troops competed in the events. A Great time was had by all! Troop 27 took 6-1st places and 2-2nd places and 1-3rd place in the events and also won the Sled Race! While the Troop was competing in the events Dr. Horn was making a huge bowl of soup (5 Gal) to feed the Scouts and Adults before we packed out for the afternoon, it sure was good! (we even fed a Webelos patrol from P-132) We ate almost all of it! We got on the road home at 3pm and made it back to the church at 7:30pm. All the scouts and adults were very tired from all the excitement of the outing and quickly unloaded the trailer and went home. We had a Great Klondike, can’t wait until next year!


Scoutmaster Ammenti