Memorial Day Flag Planting 2020 & Virtual Outing #2

During Memorial Day weekend BSA stopped scouts from going and planting flags on the graves of veterans. We as a troop wanted to continue on the tradition and to honor those who fought for us in our own way. So we went up to Skylawn cemetery and we planted flags and friends and family of Troop 27 not as Troop 27. We followed guidelines and we were safe while still honoring those before us. 

Later that day and onto the next day we had a virtual outing. This consisted of a Minecraft session, some online games, and a Disney escape room. We communicated and worked together in our patrols and then had a campfire all together later that night. We all came up with creative skits and songs. The next morning we had scouts own. This is how we have been staying connected during this difficult time.

-Allie Rees
G27 Scribe