Merit Badges

Merit badges can be started as soon as a scout joins the troop! There are over 120 merit badges from which to choose (Merit Badge list). There is a separate pamphlet for each merit badge discussing the merit badge topic and listing the requirements necessary to complete the merit badge. There is an excellent web site,, which provides the updated requirements for all merit badges and links to resources. The Troop maintains a library of many of the merit badge pamphlets. A scout checks one out by putting his name on the card found inside the pamphlet cover and filing the card in the “out box” under the first letter of the badge name.

Twenty-one (21) merit badges are needed to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. Of these 21 badges, 12 specific ones are required by Boy Scouts of America (Camping, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communications, Environmental Science OR Sustainability, Family Life, First Aid, Personal Fitness, Personal Management, Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving, Swimming OR Hiking or Cycling). As of January 1, 2014 Cooking is required as well. In keeping with its outdoor and water-oriented tradition, Troop 27 strongly encourages and expects that Cooking and Canoeing be part of the 21 merit badges for the rank of Eagle.

Some badges are worked on as a group during summer camp, other outings or at meetings. In addition, all merit badges can be worked on individually, or with a buddy or two. It is up to each scout to be responsible to track his own progress on specific merit badges and on achievement of the number of merit badges required for rank advancement. He may get reminders from the Advancement Chairperson or the Merit Badge Counselor, but it is up to him to finish the requirements, get them signed off on the blue card, and initiate needed badges.

Sample Merit Badge Blue Card

Steps to earning a merit badge:

  1. Get a “blue” merit badge card and ask the Scoutmaster to sign it, indicating his approval for you to begin working on a particular merit badge.
  2. Get the merit badge pamphlet—either borrow it from the troop library or purchase it at the Scout Office.
  3. Contact one of the merit badge counselors that is registered for that merit badge (see the Troop’s Merit Badge Counselor List or contact the Council Office for names of other local counselors). Tell him/her that you are starting to work on the merit badge. Discuss with him/her any requirements you don’t understand. Ask for help and guidance and meet with the counselor as needed.
  4. Work on the merit badge requirements as described in the merit badge pamphlet.
  5. When you have completed the requirements, contact the merit badge counselor again and set up an appointment to meet with the merit badge counselor to go over what you have done. Bring another scout, a friend or relative with you (no one-on-one meetings between a scout and an adult are allowed).
  6. When the merit badge counselor is satisfied that you have met all the requirements of the merit badge, he/she will sign the “blue” merit badge card.
  7. Turn in the signed “blue” merit badge card to the Advancement Chairperson.

NOTE: It is important that you keep the “blue” merit badge card when it is given back to you with your merit badge patch. The date recorded on the “blue” merit badge card will be needed to complete your application for Eagle! Filing the cards in a recipe box, in a binder using clear plastic “trading card pages” or keeping them in a zip-lock bag is a good idea.