Check the flier for each outing, the summer or winter camp packing list and the Boy Scout Handbook for guidance on what to pack for outings or camp. On outings, especially summer camp, pack clothes in the backpack in large Ziploc bags. This keeps them clean and dry, and if the scout never changes his clothes they can be put away without washing! The bags can be used over and over again.

We usually request that you send a bag lunch (or dinner) for the first meal on the day of departure. Bag lunches should be nutritious and are to be consumed at mealtime. They should not contain additional snacks. Scouts should not have food or snacks in their tents because of raccoons or bears. On some outings we stop at a fast food restaurant for lunch on the return trip, so your scout may need a small amount of spending money.

On water outings it is a good idea to pack “water shoes”. Scouts who wear glasses should bring an eyeglass strap so that if they fall in the water they won’t lose their glasses. Canteens and any other gear should be tied in to the canoes.

In addition to the Troop’s “permanent” permission slip and health forms, parents sign a separate permission slip for outings involving archery, shooting or COPE/climbing. This permission slip goes to the Scoutmaster.

Electronic devices (radios, CD players, iPods, video games, etc.) are NOT ALLOWED on any outing including driving to and from the outing. Scouts are encouraged to bring decks of cards, frisbees, and other such items. Cell phones are only to be used to alert parents for pick up; they are to remain in the car during outings.

The Troop traditionally has two family outings where all family members are welcome: a winter ski weekend, usually in January or February, and a family camping trip over Memorial Day weekend after Grave Decoration in May. On other outings siblings and friends are allowed only with permission from the Scoutmaster and only if the scout’s parent goes along on the campout.

Scouts attending outings must pay by the Tuesday before an outing (earlier for summer camp) unless the PARENTS make arrangements with the Treasurer. Food must be bought, and reservations made, requiring an accurate headcount. If a Scout cannot attend at the last minute, because of illness, etc., we will attempt to refund the cost if it will not cause the outing to result in a deficit.

Patrol members plan their menus and cook as a patrol on outings. Patrols use a T27 menu worksheet and are encouraged to plan a balanced menu; soda and candy are prohibited. Menus require SM or ASM approval. One or two boys volunteer to do the shopping for their patrol, staying within the allotted food budget. Receipts are given to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

Class A Uniforms are worn on almost every outing. Scouts must be wearing a scout shirt (class A, red polo shirt, or scout T-shirt) whenever they are in transit to or from an outing.

Scouts are expected to depart for an outing as a group, typically meeting at the church at a specified time to help with the loading of vehicles. Patrols check out troop gear and are responsible for its proper handling and return. If a scout cannot leave with the rest of the troop due to a sport or other obligation he may be able to join the troop later. Late arrivals must be coordinated with the Scoutmaster, and the scout’s parents are responsible for his transportation.

Troop 27 tries to follow the principles of low impact camping – “Leave No Trace”. Participants are expected to avoid littering or damaging natural or man-made objects or wildlife when on outings. Campsites are to be left better than we found them. Before departing a campsite, a thorough clean-up and inspection is conducted. No one is to leave until the site has been inspected.

Scouts are expected to stay for the entire outing, which often includes an activity on the second day. Scouts return to the Church and help put gear away before leaving for home. Wet tents must go home with a patrol member for proper drying and packing. They should be returned to the shed at the next scout meeting. Parents pick up their scout at the designated time listed on the outing flier unless contacted by the Home Contact Parent with an alternate time. Please be prompt in picking up your scout. Any scout who must leave an outing early must receive prior approval from the Scoutmaster or ASM in charge, and the scout’s parents are responsible for his transportation.