Service and Camping at Coyote Park

Members of G27 work on planting a tree for the Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch County Park

This weekend, the troop headed out to Coyote Lake for a service project camping outing. We started off the day with a relaxing hike with a view of the lake, then breaked for lunch. The Scouts got to enjoy the beautiful green hills, and observe the many plants and animals around. We headed back after a while, seeing some amazing sights, including a cow with her calf. Once we reached the campsite again, the Scouts split up into groups, each assigned to building a shade structure over the picnic tables. They were able to practice using knots and lashings, as well as teamwork to build a good structure that blocked out the sun. Afterwards, the Scouts were able to have some fun playing Capture the Flag while also being able to see wild pigs and turkey vultures. Before we knew it, it was time to make dinner, and the Scouts each made dutch oven meals with their patrols. After cleaning up, we had campfire with fun skits and songs as usual. Campfire didn’t last too long, so the Scouts were able to go to bed early. 

The next morning after breakfast, the Scouts packed up their stuff and after Scouts’ Own, got ready for the service project. The project was planting trees all around the park to replace some old ones, which required everyone to help. The Scouts took turns shoveling and digging, while others wrapped the metal fence around the tree. This took up a good portion of time, and soon, it was lunchtime. There wasn’t much left to do afterwards, so the Scouts separated into groups to refresh and review any knots and lashings they may have forgotten. The older Scouts built a fun wooden structure using spars and rope, while the younger Scouts practiced them off to the side. Soon however, all that was left to do was a sweep of the campground. Everyone made sure that they left nothing behind, and we soon loaded back into the cars. Though this outing didn’t have a very packed schedule, I think it was a nice little break for the Scouts. A nice little hike and gardening once in a while can be surprisingly fun!

-Katie Yue
G27 Scribe