Skills Weekend

This year’s skills weekend was great! The Scouts got to learn and practice important skills, while older Scouts helped teach. Due to fire restrictions at Mt. Madonna, the Scouts practiced fire related skills at Beresford Park, including making fuzzy sticks, building and putting out a fire, and setting up a propane stove. We had lunch there, then headed up to the campsite. The first skill the Scouts would learn about was Navigation, taught by Mr. Frydenlund and Ms. Terman. We learned how to tell true north from magnetic north, as well as how to use a compass and read a map. Because we got a late start, we didn’t get to finish going through knots, but the Woodys were able to finish their own project of making a flag pole. After dinner and brillo, we all headed down to campfire where each patrol presented their skits and songs. Though our “campfire” ended up being a lantern with a neckerchief tied around it (once again, this was due to the fire restrictions), everyone had a good time. The next morning after breakfast, we all gathered for flags, then Mr. Frydenlund sat us down for Scouts’ Own. Afterwards, we all learned about First Aid, once again taught by Mr. Frydenlund and Ms. Terman. We took a quick lunch break, then went back to practice using gauze and bandages. We started wrapping up soon, and had to take down the flag pole! Not long after that, we were on our way back. This was a great outing, because everyone got to either learn, teach, or review some important skills, and it helped newer Scouts get a jump start on advancements.

Katie Yue
G27 Scribe