Treasure Hunt 2015 Mar/14 – 15


Venture Crew 27 provided another spectacular event for the troop.   We started at the church and had to decode secret messages.    These clues led us to several different places.   Our first adventure started at Edgewood Park.    We hiked up the trail to discover the shield and our next clue.   Then we were off to Stulsaft Park where four events awaited us; obstacle course, walking the plank, stretcher carry and catapult.     Our next clue took us to Sheep Camp Trail where we built a tripod and decoded Morse Code.    That lead us to Marlin Park where we had a canoeing and fire building event.    The fun continued at Davenriche European Martial Artes School where we learned how to use ancient weapons.   Our final destination turned out to be Joseph D. Grant County Park in San Jose and we ate lots of pizza for dinner.   Based on the scores from the different challenges, we also got to compete for candy and soda.    Venture Crew 27 did a great job!    On Sunday, the troop did a service project to remove vegetation and restore pig damaged areas.