Treasure Hunt 2020

Treasure Hunt 2020 was a great outing. So this year was themed all around the Oregon Trail. This outing featured scouts moving to different stations, and collecting letters. I, and the entire troop who participated would like to thank the entirety of the Venture crew, and the woodies who helped run the event (also the Rover). Also I would like to thank all of the Adult drivers who allowed this outing to function smoothly. The first station was at Beresford Park, which featured scouts starting off with multiple puzzles, and an exquisite morse code message transmitted over a Ham Radio. Once Scouts had gathered the necessary information, then they moved on to Mariners Island. This part focused solely on compass skills with a small puzzle at the end. Then patrols moved onto Erkenbrack park, which featured three skills: First Aid, Lashings, and Canoe. Scouts first moved in and built a “wagon” by lashing spars together, and placing a tarp on it. Then this was hoisted up and placed on a catamaran made of two canoes. This was then maneuvered around a course and put ashore, then derigged. Then scouts had a break to enjoy lunch, then moved on to a first aid part based off a broken ankle and substituted crutches. Next scouts moved on to Alberta Glen for quick “animal hunting” and tomahawks. Shortly thereafter patrols moved on to Arguello park, which involved a heaving line, a tool called a Zrig, and knot practice. Laurelwood park was next and featured scouts crossing a river (blue tarp) with the use of wood blocks. The final event was at Boothbay Park. Scouts practiced cooking skills such as setting up a tripod and hanging can. Also they practiced flipping pancakes. In the end, I’d like to congratulate the Hawk Patrol for winning the event. Scouts were then presented with a frightening amount of candy, and then left the day outing for home. Once more the entire troop would like to thank everyone who helped make this outing a possibility.

Scouts needed to hunt “animals” to get food for their journey on the Organ Trail.

– Alex Kaiser
B27 Scribe