Troop Klondike 2021

Scouts and their snow shelters after a cold night

Due to COVID 19, the troop hasn’t had many chances to go camping. We did, however, get a chance to go to Klondike. Klondike is an event we do every year which includes building and sleeping in snow shelters, making hot water meals, and participating in a lot of fun snow-related activities. In the past, Troop 27 has participated in a council klondike where we competed against other troops, but this year, as well as several other years, was done with just us. When we got there, the first thing we did was mark out where each shelter was going to be and then we got to work building them. This was a lengthy process that included lots of sawing and digging up snow blocks. With COVID regulations in mind, we created shelters that would not only keep us safe from the elements, but it would also keep us safe from COVID. After a long, but warm, night in the shelters, we got up, had a warm breakfast, tore down our shelters, and then had fun playing games and competing against each other. We built fires on snow, used slingshots to hit tin pans with dog food, practiced throwing a grappling hook, and so much more. Klondike has always been a favorite when it comes to outing the Troop goes on. 

– Allie Rees
G27 Scribe