Troop Traditions


See Helpful Hints section for reminders of what to bring to Troop meetings.

Prior to Opening, there may be a Green Bar meeting – a brief planning meeting of the Scout Leaders (SPL, Patrol Leaders, etc.) to be sure everything is ready for the meeting. In addition, the patrol in charge of the flag ceremony may rehearse it.


  • Flag ceremony (rotates between patrols). Script available on website.
  • Announcements
  • Award presentations


Rank advancement, merit badge work or training, practice or planning related to an upcoming outing. Training may be provided by ASMs, particularly when the boys are learning new skills or for merit badges done in a group. Scouts may be broken up into groups to work on skills specific to their rank. Troop 27 encourages peer-to-peer training where more experienced scouts teach the others. This hones the skills of both the teacher and the student. Scouts follow the EDGE method:

  • Explain
  • Demonstrate
  • Guide
  • Enable


In order to end the night with some fun and healthy competition there is usually a game of some kind for the last few minutes of the evening. Dodge ball is a favorite!

Closing (recited in unison)

  • Scout Oath
  • Scout Law
  • Scoutmaster’s benediction:

And now, may the Great Master of all scouts be with us until we meet again.



The Troop meets every Tuesday, except during Summer Camp or holiday break (depends on calendar and church schedule). When there are five Tuesdays in a month the PLC plans a fun activity to occur on the Fifth Tuesday.


Mountain Man – the best way to start the day is to jump into the lake first thing in the morning! Scouts (and adults) who participate in Mountain Man are awarded a t-shirt at the Fall Court of Honor.


  • Flag ceremony (rotates between patrols)
  • Plant of the Day
  • Announcements

Knot of the Meal (must be tied before eating!)  Animated guide to various knots

Activities – each day has a theme such as Paul Bunyan Day or Waterfront Day. Time is also spent working on rank advancement skills or merit badges, with plenty of time for FUN!

Free Rock – one rock designated where scouts can leave items (towels, sweatshirts, etc.) during the day. All other gear must be in scout’s tent or campsite. Everything must be retrieved from free rock before dinner or the ICs confiscate it and its owner is called up at the Kangaroo Court at the campfire.


  • Songs
  • Skits (each patrol should have a short skit each night)
  • Kangaroo Court (ICs preside – owner of “lost” items must sing a song, etc., to retrieve their item)
  • Vespers (final song):

Softly falls the light of day
As our campfire fades away,
Silently each scout should ask
Have I done my daily task?
Have I kept my honor bright?
Can I guiltless sleep tonight?
Have I done and have I dared
Everything to be prepared?