Buy them big rather than small! At this age, the boys really grow and they will wear the tan shirt for 3-4 years before changing to a different style. Troop 27 does not wear a uniform hat. The Troop has a supply of “experienced” uniforms that older boys have outgrown which may be borrowed.


We recommend the “Centennial” uniform – visit the Scout Shop or search http://www.scoutstuff.org for options and details

  • Boy Scout Shirt (tan shirt, either long or short sleeved) we recommend the Supplex Nylon fabric
  • Boy Scout zip-off pants (olive green) we recommend the Supplex Nylon fabric
  • Boy Scout Socks
  • Boy Scout Web Belt with buckle
  • Olive Green shoulder loops (Epaulets for the shirt)
  • Merit Badge Sash (there are two sizes – regular & long – long is usually recommended because the scout wears this until he is 18 years old!)
  • “2” & “7” Troop Numbers
  • “Pacific Skyline Council” Patch
  • “World Scout Crest” Emblem (purple Fleur de Lis, sometimes called the Brotherhood Patch)
  • Boy Scout Handbook & Waterproof Cover
  • Compass (may be found at other stores, probably for less cost)
  • Boy Scout Neckerchief slide (or make your own) (not needed until Tenderfoot is earned)


The official uniform is called the Class “A” or Field Uniform.


You can purchase these items at either of the Boy Scout offices nearby or you can call the offices and they will ship the items to you via UPS. You can also order gear online from the National Office.


Foster City Service Center                         Palo Alto Scout Service Center

1150 Chess Drive.                                     (located in the Lucie Stern Comm. Center)

Foster City, CA  94404                              1305 Middlefield Road

650/341-5633 – Office                              Palo Alto, CA 94301

650/358-0588 – Scout Shop                                   650/327-5900


You will also need a pair of hiking boots for use on campouts, summer camp and various outdoor service work and a pair of leather gloves. These items can be purchased at Sporting Goods or Discount stores.



  • Troop 27 Patch
  • Quality Unit Patch
  • Veteran Unit Bar Anniversary “Year” Patch
  • Patrol Patch
  • Troop 27 T-shirt (Class “B”/Activity Uniform) – additional shirts available at cost
  • “Scout” rank patch
  • Troop 27 Neckerchief (when you earn the rank of Tenderfoot)


(See picture inside the cover of Scout Handbook or the “tag” that comes with new uniforms.)


  • Troop 27 patch: centered on the right pocket. As scouts attend our Summer Camps they will receive “rocker patches” with the name of each camp. These are sewn around the T27 patch.
  • Rank patch such as Scout, Tenderfoot, First Class, etc.: centered on the left pocket.
  • World Crest patch: about 2 inches above the center of the left pocket.
  • Arrow of Light patch: at the bottom of the left shirt pocket if the scout earned it as a Cub Scout.
  • Patrol patch: on the right sleeve below the American flag.
  • Quality Unit patch: below the patrol patch on the right sleeve – 4 inches below the shoulder seam.
  • Council patch: just below the shoulder seam on the left sleeve.
  • Veteran Unit bar “year” patch represents how long the troop has been in existence. This is sewn on the left sleeve between the council patch and the “27” patches.
  • Troop Numbers “27”: below the council patch on the left sleeve.
  • Badge of Office patch such as patrol leader, etc.: below the troop numerals on the left sleeve.
  • Merit Badges are worn on the front of the merit badge sash (which is worn over the right shoulder).
  • Other patches may be worn on the back of the merit badge sash or on a jacket.


Patches are normally sewn on by hand. Scouts are encouraged to sew their own patches. Be careful when sewing patches around shirt pockets!


The service star, that you may purchase after you have been in the troop for a year or more, shows how many years you have been a scout and is worn centered above the left pocket. Scouts wear only the most recent Boy Scout service star earned; scouts may also wear their last Cub scout service star if they choose. Troop 27 no longer issues service stars; wearing the star is optional.



NOTE: Uniforms or scout shirts are to be worn at all scout functions – meetings, dinners, etc., except Fifth Tuesday outings.


The Class A uniform is the tan shirt with proper patches and badges appropriately affixed, the olive green scout pants or shorts, scout belt, scout socks, etc. Full Class A uniform is to be worn to the first meeting of each month, when departing on camp outs, during Flag Ceremonies at campouts or public events, and on special occasions such as Courts of Honor, Scout Sunday, Webelos Night, etc. The merit badge sash is worn to Court of Honor and Scout Sunday. The Class A uniform is also required for each Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review. The Class A uniform is always appropriate for any scout function but is not required for those not listed above.


Class B uniform (the Troop 27 T-shirt, Troop Mountain Man T-shirt, OA shirt, other BSA camp T-shirt), or full Class A uniform may be worn to the other weekly scout meetings, at campouts and summer camp, while working on a service project, etc. The Troop T-shirt or other scout T-shirts or the red scout polo shirt may be worn home from outings. Scout attire must be worn while traveling to and from all outings.