Webelos Extreme 2011

At Coyote Point on September 24th there was a gathering of troops from Pacific Skyline Council. Our troop participates in this fun and informative event every year. For Webelos it’s an opportunity to visit troops, meet some Boy Scouts and adult leaders, and find out about each troop’s program and general approach to Scouting.

Troop 27 runs activities in two different locations. On top of the hill, in a position that can be seen by visitors from the parking lot, there is a large tripod tower that was lashed together by experienced scouts under the supervision of scout leaders. At the top is the American flag waving in the sun and below there is a single rope and a rope net for climbing around on.

Troop 27 is often noted for its water-oriented activities during warmer months each year, so the other activity is down at the water’s edge at the docks where Webelos are taken for canoe rides around the marina. For extra stability some of the troop’s 18 canoes are converted into catamarans by lashing pairs together with rope and spars. It’s a popular attraction.

Brochures are available to detail other characteristics of Troop 27, as well as a display of information about the troop and the transition to Boy Scouts.

Here is a slide show from the 2011 Webelos Extreme activity.