Yosemite Camping Trip

The troop arrived at our campsite just outside of Yosemite at about 11 PM, after loading troubles back at the church. We went to sleep, and the next morning was the first dutch oven meal for the troop. The troop then left a little late to Tenaya lake. The troop admired the beautiful view from the lake, many scouts (me included) think it’s the best view we’ve had on the canoes. After canoeing until about 1 PM, we started to hike towards clouds rest. A few hours later, the troop made it there and found it’s breathtaking view. The troop rested there as the drivers drove back to get their cars, and we then drove back to our campsite. For the rest of the evening, the troop cooked their second dutch oven meal, with good results overall. The next morning, the troop left for a second hike into Yosemite national park (the troop was mostly in the national forest up to this point), and at the end of our hike, came upon a beautiful waterfall. After resting there, the troop headed back to the cars, ate lunch, and left-back for the church.

Kheo Kober
B27 Scribe