Yosemite Outing October 16 – 18


The troop had quite an adventure in Yosemite this year!    We drove up Friday night and set up our tents.    We drove in at night to an eerie view of the fires from the controlled burn on the Valley floor.    The early crew pitched all our tents which was great!    Friday night the rain started and Saturday morning we built a rain shelter.    Saturday morning there was a river running through the campsite.    The adults had to move their tents because of flooding.   The scouts’ campsite had a little river and we put out rocks to channel the water flow.   After breakfast we dug out the drain as it was backed up.   Scouts dug out tons of dirt and finally the drain was cleared and water started draining.   We took a hike in the rain at Bernal Falls and had lunch at the rock area on the trail.     Dinner was cooked under the shelter we built.   The rain stopped for an hour so we could have our campfire with songs, stories and jokes.    Saturday night the rain started again with lots of thunder and lightning.    All the tents got flooded and all the gear was put into garbage bags in the morning.   Luckily the shelter survived so we had a yummy breakfast under the tarp.   Lots of wet gear was packed, loaded and off we went.   For lunch we ate at In-n-Out Burger and took all the gear home to dry out.   We had a blast!