60th Anniversary Celebration

On October 1st, 2011, Troop 27 celebrated its 60th anniversary with a splendid event. Nearly 200 people spanning several generations of scouts, past, present and future came to reunite with old friends, meet new friends, and remember the important part T27 played in their lives.
For the afternoon, Wesley Hall was turned into a T27 museum featuring memorabilia from each decade such as uniforms, handbooks, gear, and photos. The side rooms were turned into showcases of troop history featuring slideshows of T27 events all the way back to 1951. There were also videos of past Venturing Supertrips. Many Troop alumni recalled their memories in front of a video camera, for a future production.

There were plenty of opportunities to mingle with those in the T27 family past and present. Some had come from as far away as San Diego. Our alumni had a great time reuniting with their friends from the past. Jim Carlon, the troop’s first Eagle Scout, shared many stories of his memories under Gerry Green, the Troop’s first Scoutmaster. Just as our Scouts today, one of his favorite memories of being a Scout was going to Summer Camp.
A separate table near the stage was prepared as a tribute to Scoutmaster Gerry Green and his wife Fern. The table featured notes, books, gear and other memorabilia from his time with the Troop. Gerry and Fern never had any children of their own, but in the end, “they had hundreds of kids,” who gathered that day to say “Thanks.”

Another highlight of the program was when Scoutmasters past and present gave a reflection of their time as Scoutmaster. The group photos by decade were also fun to see.
As with many of our Troop events, the food and refreshments were first rate. A constant supply of delicious finger foods, appetizers, and drinks ensured that everyone was well nourished during the event. A big thank you to Caitlyn for baking the fantastic cupcakes.
The key message Committee Chairman, Patrick Reichenberger, wanted make sure everyone understood, was that even today, we are laying the foundation for future boys. We need to maintain our volunteer time and effort if we want this wonderful program to continue. It’s important that everyone contribute, because in the end, you “get what you give.”
A huge thank you and congratulations on a job well done to the committee that planned this event!