Comprehensive List of Recent Events from Current & Last Season

Summer Camp Planning

July 17 – 20: 2012: Advance Camp

July 20 – 27: Summer Camp

July 28: Summer Camp Clean-up

Location: (targeting) Loon Lake

Summer camp planning is well underway, so make sure you’ve set aside the week!

This summer our troop will continue its unique, 50-year tradition of building its own summer camp at a lake in the high Sierra.  Summer camp offers Scouts waterfront activities, wood skills, working with others in their patrols, campfire experiences and having lots of fun, all in a beautiful wilderness setting. [Read more…]

Webelos Games & Ice Cream

On, Tuesday, March 6, 2012, Troop 27 welcomed more than a dozen Webelos II’s and their families for a fun evening of scout games and ice cream.  Visiting parents got the chance to learn about Troop 27 while their cub scout boys enjoyed developing scout skills and playing team-building games with our boy scouts. [Read more…]

District Camporee

April 27 – 29, 2012
Cutter Scout Reservation, Santa Cruz Mountains

This year the annual skills competition event has been rebranded as a Zomb-O-Ree, which should be fun!

Learn and practice your fire building, first aid, and a host of other wilderness survival skills at our Invasion Training Stations. Then team up with your fellow Scouts and compete in contests to hone your skills even further. As your team progresses, you’ll be given parts of an antidote that will help you fight the Zombie Contagion – but can you put it all together in time? [Read more…]

Scout Sunday

Presentations to the congregation regarding our scouting program, which they sponsor, as well as a fundraising Pancake Breakfast for the Venturing Crew.

Service Day

Church repairs and improvements, plus cleanup activities at the nearby storage locations that assist the troop with complementary equipment space.

Pinewood Derby Support for Pack 27

Welcome to the Race!

Every year more than a million Cub Scouts and adult partners team up to participate in a Pinewood Derby®, a tradition that goes back generations. As a coach and a Cub Scout design, carve, paint, weigh, refine, and race the car, a bond of partnership is created. This is at the heart of the event’s success. In addition, Cub Scouts build confidence and take pride in their own growing skills and hard work. So enjoy the ride! [Read more…]

Alcatraz Visit

Written by Scout Nathan G.

On December 10th, Troop 27 went on a unique and exciting outing- to Alcatraz. This outing was unique in many aspects, including that it was a joint day outing with Troop 301. After meeting at the church, Troop 27 left for San Francisco and met with Troop 301 at Pier 39. The two troops then got on the ferries to Alcatraz, enjoying nice views of San Francisco and the bay.

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Chabot Shooting Outing

On November 12th and 13th we had our November outing at Anthony Chabot Regional Park and the Chabot Gun Club.  We spent Saturday afternoon at the rifle range learning about gun safety, parts of a rifle, and how to shoot a .22 caliber rifle at a target 50 feet away.  [Read more…]

San Francisco Tour

-Written by Denise Moriarty

The troop decided to hold our fifth Tuesday event (the troop does not have a regular troop meeting during months where there are five Tuesdays but instead goes on a fun outing) on November 8th and we decided to take a tour of San Francisco with Mr. Toad’s Tour.  It was a beautiful San Francisco fall evening. We rode in style, in pre 1930’s vintage, open aired, touring cars which run on clean propane fuel.

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60th Anniversary Celebration

On October 1st, 2011, Troop 27 celebrated its 60th anniversary with a splendid event. Nearly 200 people spanning several generations of scouts, past, present and future came to reunite with old friends, meet new friends, and remember the important part T27 played in their lives. [Read more…]